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Send me updates on new resources!
Send me updates on new resources!

Are you a lawyer with expertise in disability related legal and or estate planning?

Welcome to the P4P Planning Network.
We’ve created a NEW space on our website designed just for you!

We know that planning for the future is a fundamental concern for families. Professionals like you are a critical support to families who have a loved one with a disability. Understanding why, how and when to handle specific legal issues protects families and their loved ones assets and choices.

A solid plan includes the right legal strategy.

There are endless benefits to families who are proactive and seek legal planning or assistance when they need it. Something as simple as helping families understand complex legal concepts can empower them as they navigate systems and make decisions about the future.

Whether you are a trust and estate planner or are a lawyer that has expertise in disability law, we want to support you to offer the best quality services to families.

Every family’s situation is unique. That is why we know that nothing can replace direct advice and services from professionals like you.

Partners for Planning offers resources that help families understand the basics. Partners for Planning offers instructional resources that share information with families so they understand steps that can protect their loved one. Some of that information includes wills and estate planning, trustees, legal decision-making, and basic legal planning tips  

These resources are available on the planning network, and we invite you to share them as part of your services to families. 


You’re busy already! We want to make this easy for you

There are several ways that you can share with families you know.

  • Check out some resources just for you at the bottom of this page
  • Check out our events calendar for instructional webcasts for families HERE
  • Apply to be added to our professional’s directory
  • Contact us if you have questions or want to learn more!


There are so many aspects of a person’s life to consider when building a bright future. And they are all interconnected. The trusted friend we make today has the potential to become the person we choose as a trustee on later in life. At Partners for Planning, we help families to connect the dots.

For more resources on building a good life, visit the Planning Network.