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Send me updates on new resources!

The P4P Planning Network is excited to welcome you to a NEW space on our website designed just for you. Educators play a critical role in supporting the learning and wellbeing of children and youth from infancy to early adulthood. 

But, do we really know what happens to our students once they leave high school? 

Did you know: There are approximately 300,000 children and youth in Ontario with a disability. In general, people with a disability are less likely than those without a disability to graduate high school. Statistically, 40% of children and youth with an intellectual or developmental disability in Canada do not graduate high school with a diploma.

This means that your students will likely experience


But we know that life can be SO different for your students! All it takes is…

The P4P Planning Network is an information HUB with dozens of FREE, value-based resources that can help families build their capacity to make informed decisions and plan for their children’s future. 


All parents are encourage to do things like create a college fund, teach their kids a healthy lifestyle and take steps to prepare them for life as adults. Parents who have a child with a disability must do the same but the process is much more complex. Our resources make the process clearer, and more manageable for families. By sharing key resources from the Planning Network, you can help prompt families to know how and when to initiate the planning of various aspects of their child's life. 

Evidence shows that families who think ahead, stay informed and actively participate in decision-making nurture endless possibilities for their loved one. 

Your support is essential.

The top 10 words families use to describe P4P’s resources are:
Educational, Indispensable, Supportive, Empowering and Practical



    You’re busy! We've kept it simple. 

    We've curated resources that are relevant for you at the bottom of this page. 

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    When To Share:
    • Transition planning for entering school (ages 2-3),
    • Transition planning for life after high school (ages 14-16)

    • Parent-Teacher interviews

    • IEP meetings

    • Orientation events

    • School Council and SEAC outreach

    Early Childhood Priorities

    The Early Planning Toolkit : Designed for children aged 2-10

    As an early childhood Educator (ECE), or development specialist, educational assistant or primary-junior teacher you know that the early years in a child’s life are very influential. This toolkit shows parents what they can do at an early age to change the trajectory of their child’s life.

    Before High School

    Transitioning Into High School Toolkit : Designed For Youth aged 12-14
    This toolkit includes a number of resources that can help youth as they enter this exciting new chapter! This resource prepares families to think about what they can expect and provide successful strategies for helping their teen make a smooth transition. 

    Life Beyond Graduation

    The Beyond Graduation Toolkit: Designed for Youth aged 17-21

    This toolkit can help you get a head start on the transition to adulthood. It shows you how to use your time wisely, to think critically and make smart choices so you and your loved one are more in control of what comes next. This period in your child's life holds so many possibilities and there are so many opportunities to start building a good life beyond graduation.