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Continuing Housing Innovation in Windsor & Essex County  |  Innovative Housing Project Advisory Group

Each of the eight participants has transitioned into appropriate new housing situations based on their individual needs and preferences Several have purchased their own homes; one person has moved into their own rental apartment (which they could not have afforded without a rental subsidy); and others have created or enhanced a personalized living space within their family home.

All participants have developed new, valued roles with the community and have maintained or increased their community connections: Funding for personalized supports has enabled participants to become involved in new work and volunteer commitments, and to attend local social events. 

The funding from this project has enabled my son to try so many new things and go places that he couldn't to before, because he didn't have the appropriate support. He is much happier now ... and he is also teaching others in the community that despite his disabilities he can participate in the same things as everyone else.     
                                                                                                      ~ Mom of participant

A few project timelines were delayed mainly due to lack of existing resources for people with complex medical or behavioural needs requiring personalized supports. Real estate fluctuations, construction issues, and navigating complex bylaws and other legalities related to housing trusts also affected timelines. As well, many families were experiencing "burn out" from having dealt with insufficient supports over previous years. 

Community Living Windsor helped families by arranging the services of a Manager of Supports to oversee the screening, interviewing and management of qualified workers (in addition to policies and procedures, and reporting and time tracking). WEBPS provided assistance to families by educating supporters on person-directed planning and on practical ways of increasing community connections and building networks. 

Project participants, families and partners also contributed by sharing their stories at "My Home, My Choice", an event attended by housing project partners, municipal groups, local service organizations and community members.

The most positive outcomes pertain to participants and their families having a newfound sense of independence, feeling they have more control in their lives, and freedom as to how they spend their time.

Overview of Outcomes:

  • Eight adults have obtained their own appropriate housing solution.
  • Participants have their own individualized and customized housing solutions, with supports tailored according to their specific needs and preferences.
  • All involved report they have maintained or are more connected to their communities than before the project.
  • New work, volunteer commitments and/or social events were made possible by enhanced supports allowing participants to be much more locally engaged.

Project Contacts:
Mary Kopcok  |
Michelle Friesen  |

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