Partners for Planning - Future Planning With Siblings In Mind
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When considering the future for a child with a disability, many parents feel conflicted when thinking about the roles their other children may play. Parents who encourage the siblings to live their own full lives may be hesitant to share their future plans. But many siblings want to be involved in the planning process particularly if, by default, they may take on more responsibility
later in life. 

Avoiding conversations on plans for the future is never a good idea.

In this webcast we’ll discuss how parents and siblings can come together to begin the ongoing conversations of planning for a family member with a disability.

All her life Helen knew that one day she would be responsible for her brother Paul’s care. When that day arrived, it was early, unexpected and fast. When their parents passed away, the life Helen and her brother Paul once knew changed suddenly. Through trials and tribulations, and also honest self-reflection and a deep commitment to one another, Helen and Paul found a way to support each other. 

In a lifetime of advocating, Helen has learnt of the power of full and inclusive citizenship for all members of our community.

Helen is the co-founder of Siblings Canada (formerly The Sibling Collaborative). Siblings Canada is an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE), a new non-profit dedicated to supporting caregivers and care providers. CCCE and Siblings Canada share a vision where all caregivers, including siblings, are valued and supported. 

To learn more about Siblings Canada, follow CCCE’s social media accounts, visit our new website  and sign up for the CCCE newsletter.

This webcast includes a live Q&A with our panelists.