Partners for Planning - Fundamentals of Future Planning
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Introducing the Fundamentals of Future Planning, a six-part enhanced webcast series.

Now more than ever, we see the importance of ensuring that the well-being of our loved one with a disability –now and in the future – is happy, meaningful and sustainable. That is why we are excited to introduce a brand-new series called the Fundamentals of Future Planning, a six-part enhanced webcast offering. Over the course of three months, guest speakers will share their expertise on a variety of topics and highlight the steps families can take to plan for a secure future with their loved one.

Each of the six webcasts addresses a different topic that together make up our planning framework. Participants will receive a digital workbook that identifies next steps that families and individuals can take to reach their goals.


1  |  Designing Your Future: A Framework for Planning
One of the most powerful steps parents can take to address the fear of what will happen to their child in the future is to be proactive and begin planning as early as possible. By creating a clear vision and an intentional and strategic approach, parents can better support their children to live fulfilling lives now and in the future.
Speakers - Anna Bruno, Susan Beayni, Carolyn Fast
Webcast - Wednesday, September 29, at 7pm

2   Wills & Estate Planning: Legacy Planning for a Relative with a Disability
If you’re supporting a family member with a disability, one of the most important steps you can take to help secure their future is to create a will and estate plan. Wills and estate planning offer families the peace of mind that their loved one will continue to have the resources she needs to be safe and secure in the future.
Speakers -
Brendon D. Pooran
Webcast - Tuesday, October 12, at 7pm

 |  Creating Financial Security: Financial Planning in Support of a Relative with a Disability
For many people thinking about financial planning can be overwhelming. Creating a financial plan not only brings peace of mind now but is a key strategy in managing uncertainty and securing the best possible outcome for your loved one.
Speakers - Graeme S. Treeby, Jill Teeple, Christine Tuckett
Webcast - Tuesday, October 26, at 7pm

4  |  My Life, My Choice, My Community: Thriving in Your Neighbourhood
Everyone has gifts and positive contributions they can make to the community. Community to us means being involved in everyday places, doing everyday things with everyday people. Tune in as we explore ways individuals can actively participate in and contribute to their community.
Speakers - Janet Klees, Anna Bruno, Julian Escallon, Carolyn Fast, Genia Stephen
Webcast - Tuesday, November 9, at 7pm

5  |  Nurturing Supportive Relationships: The Foundation to a Secure Future

In an ideal world, a supportive network of people would be readily available to our sons or daughters with a disability. At P4P, we believe that one cannot truly experience community without being engaged in reciprocal relationships with other members of the community. Building a network of support is a good first step in ensuring that individuals are engaged in nurturing and supportive relationships that promote personal autonomy.
Speakers -
Anna Bruno, Rebecca Pauls, Judith McGill, Susan Beayni
Webcast - Tuesday, November 24, at 7pm

Creative Options for Home: Exploring Individualized Housing Models

Creating and exploring options for “home” is perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of future planning for individuals with a disability. Too often, congregated solutions seem to be the only way forward. However, many families have found creative and innovative ways to support their loved one in having a home of their own and one of their own choosing. Tune in to learn more about innovative housing options that could support you and your loved one in taking that next step toward “home.”
Speakers - Anna Bruno, Kelly Casey
Webcast - Tuesday, December 7, at 7pm