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Passage vers mon propre toit!  |  Coalition des familles francophones d'Ottawa

The Coalition des familles francophones d’Ottawa (CFFO) has successfully completed a comprehensive housing transition guide, in both official languages, entitled Moving to a Place of my Own! which aims to encourage the independence of adults with developmental disabilities in their search for affordable housing.  

The online guide (available for download) was developed in collaboration with Francophone individuals and families, and is available for loved ones and caregivers of French-speaking people in Ottawa who are seeking to transition into person-centered, supportive living environments. Among the highlights of the report is the finding that "Living 'under one's own roof' is an achievable goal for many people living with a developmental disability, provided they find support in making the transition".

Along with drafting the guide and researching best practices, the project team also worked with University of Ottawa researchers to carry out assessments of these activities, the results of which are presented in the Lessons Learned Report. This report reflects the experiences and learnings of 11 families on their journey to a new living environment; provides the outcomes of the pilot projects, and outlines the psycho-social, structural and financial challenges faced by families. Also included are observations on possible ways of improving the process of transitioning towards a more independent living situation.

Overview of Outcomes

  • CFFO organized a fundraising campaign, "My own roof, my dream!” to help people access independent housing in the community.
  • Comprehensive guides, reports and resources, available in both official languages and several formats (online, videos and webinars, print), detailing best practices, innovative solutions and available resources that support a transition to housing for adults with developmental disabilities and their families (see all below). 

Additional Resources

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