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Julian Escallon: My Roles and Relationships 

Online (via live video streaming)
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 22 at 4:00 pm
Cost: Free

Julian Escallon, a young man with many passions and gifts shares his story about roles and relationships.

Who should attend?
Families and people who care for a loved one with a disability who are looking for ways to help discover that person's roles and relationships to build a meaningful life.  

About the Webcasts:
Julian Escallon is a young many with many passions and gifts. He leads a meaningful life rich with roles and relationships. As an entrepreneur, valued employee, leader and musician, Julian aspires to help others realize the incredible opportunities that present themselves by following your passions.

This new webcast featuring Julian and his life is an excellent follow-up to P4P's recent two-part workshop series, Enduring Relationships: A Context for Planning with Janet Klees. In outlining her framework for planning, Janet highlights the importance of recognizing a person's roles to help build meaningful relationships. Julian's many roles and relationships are a fantastic demonstration of Janet's framework in action. 

The webcast will be led by Julian as he shows viewers his life and the creative supports he has to help him pursue his passions. Part of the webcast will include Julian's reflections about his recent experience speaking at the United Nations as part of the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. 

About the Speaker:

Julian Escallon, entrepreneur, valued employee, musician and filmmaker 

Julian is a young man living a full, meaningful life. He and his family are originally from Columbia and moved to Canada when he was young. After living in Canada for many years, Julian speaks both English and Spanish fluently. 

Julian has worked for the Air Canada Centre for the last five years in their retail store.  He has his own company making films and records music. Julian plays guitar, bass, drums and the piano.