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About Partners for Planning 

Partners for Planning is committed to helping individuals with disabilities and their families take charge of the future, today. We help families envision, plan and implement strategies to ensure that your loved one is safe, fulfilled, respected and financially secure—from childhood into adulthood and for the rest of his or her life.

A true home, loving relationships, community involvement, opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way and the right to make choices - all of these combine to create a good life and enable families to enjoy ease of mind. 

As an organization formed, directed by and accountable to families, more than half of our board members must have a relative with a disability. Partners for Planning is an affiliate of the PLAN Institute and is a member of the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network

Over 100 organizations across Ontario have partnered
with us to share our resources with their communities. Together we form a strong collective voice addressing issues of isolation, exclusion and poverty while seeking to influence positive change in social policy.  Visit to find out more about our nonprofit organization led by and for families.