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Housing Trust Project  |  Citizen Advocacy Ottawa 

CAO supports many families who have expressed an interest in bequeathing purchased property or their family home to their adult son or daughter with a disability, ensuring that he or she will have community-based, secure housing for the future, with appropriate supports.  However, at present there exists no legal entity to support families in a transfer of property in this way, a situation made all the more urgent given Canada's aging demographic.

We are seeing the first significant wave of adults with disabilities aging. We recognize serious gaps appear in existing policy frameworks that fail to account for the aging process of these adults or their aging caregivers.                                                                                                                                                                            ~ CAO Housing Trust report

In response CAO has explored the feasibility of creating a housing trust in the Ottawa-Carleton area, specifically for adults with intellectual disabilities. The final report examines the legal and governance implications, and includes a plan to move forward, based on the insights and recommendations produced.

Overview of Outcomes: 

  • Existing policy frameworks fail to address the needs of an aging population of caregivers and growing numbers of adults with intellectual disabilities
  • The above indicates a pressing need to identify viable housing trust models
  • Support for housing initiatives can be found at all three levels of government.
  • Any models moving forward must separate housing costs from support costs to minimize conflicting interests.
  • Support needs can be met using various sources of funding.
  • A better understanding of the financial dynamics of families supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities is required in order to help identify needed policy interventions.
  • Recommendations include establishing a local Community Housing Trust and Advisory Board, and creating an Ottawa-Carleton Housing Trust for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (further recommendations in report below)

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