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A proper home is far more than bricks and mortar: it is a refuge where your loved one can grow, thrive and discover themselves. 

The Developmental Services Housing Task Force 
Ontario's first ever cross-sector Task Force tackles housing issues faced by adults with developmental disabilities and their concerned families. In 2015 the Task Force recommended a series of creative, inclusive and cost-effective new housing projects for development across Ontario. The P4P Housing Task Force booklet provides a plain language overview of 10 innovative Task Force housing proposals designed specifically for people with disabilities.

Making Homes that Work 
This book offers ways of assessing and planning environments that are person-centered and which respect the diversity of family and individual situations. It identifies patterns of activity and interaction with the environment that are common to many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These are the basis for the “Six Common Modifications” recommended for many persons with complex disability issues to support them to live successfully in the home. Most of the issues that families face can be improved by completing one or more of these modifications. 

We Come Bearing Gifts
Written by Janet Klees, We Come Bearing Gifts is a story of the achievements, struggles and successes of a group of 12 families who came together in a common mission over twenty-five years ago. To achieve their vision of a positive future for their sons and daughters who have a disability, the families designed and built a 105-unit co-operative housing apartment building where their children could live in an inclusive environment. 

Our Presence Has Roots

A sequel to We Come Bearing Gifts, Our Presence Has Roots tells the ongoing story of what an active and committed group of ordinary families can accomplish for, and with, their adult children with a developmental disability.

HomeComing Community Choice Coalition

This organization promotes the rights of people with mental illness to live where they choose. The coalition was formed in 2003 because “Not-In-My-Back-Year” (NIMBY) discrimination was violating the rights of people with mental illness.


This unique program, created by community leaders in partnership with Community Living Toronto, which addresses the significant shortage of independent and appropriate housing for intellectually disabled citizens in Toronto. Its goal is to enable new housing opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. 

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