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Supporting an individual to live an engaged life creates a sense of belonging and leads to new connections. 

Facilitating an Everyday Life
Written by John Lord, Barbara Leavitt and Charlotte Dingwall, this book highlights the power of independent facilitation and the role it plays in enabling individuals to build meaningful lives. It is filled with many stories and practical strategies on how facilitation can be a powerful way to build new stories in our communities. 

Directory of Independent Facilitators in Ontario
Developed by the Ontario Independent Facilitators Network (OIFN), this easy-to-use, online tool provides contact information for independent facilitators and organizations providing this service within your region. 

My Life, My Choice
This DVD profiles seven adults with disabilities living person-directed lives in Windsor, Ontario. Rather than relying on a limited number of programs and services to direct their lives, their futures are in their own hands. With flexible funding and with the support of independent planning, they are free to follow their hearts and lead their lives as they choose.

Dance in the Shadows: The Unfolding Story of Rebecca Beayni
This DVD is a story of hope and possibility. Rebecca  is an active communicator (despite the fact she cannot speak), recognized dancer, painter and teacher whose goal is to make the world a gentler, more collaborative and caring place for all.

Creating a Good Life in Community: A Guide on Person-Directed Planning

Written by The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, this guide assists families and individuals with developmental disabilities in planning for the future. It highlights the importance of building a life in the community and demonstrates how the process of person-directed planning allows more choice and control for an individual.

Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
CWDO is committed to the rights of all persons to participate fully in the civil, cultural, economic, political and social life of their communities. Visit their website to browse CWDO's position papers, presentations, research and advocacy work. 

Passport Funding Guide
This guide helps families navigate the Passport Program. Check out the the corresponding tips sheet as well.  

Can I Work and Still get ODSP? 
This information sheet provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Services clarifies the guidelines around working while receiving ODSP.   

New Provincial Strategy for People living with a Disability

In the spring of 2017, the province of Ontario made announcement about regulator changes that would impact people living with a disability along with creating a new provincial strategy to help people find employment.  

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