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Planning and building relationships for an individual living with a disability takes effort and intention. These tools will support, guide and inspire you.

Safe and Secure: Six Steps to Creating a Good Life for People with Disabilities 
Al Etmanski's bestselling book for families and their loved one living with a disability is filled with ideas, family stories, and thought-provoking questions. It provides hands-on planning guidance and worksheets for families to map the future of their loved one with a disability, so they lead their best possible life. 

Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN)
The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN) is a provincial network of people committed to the value of inclusivity and to helping people who are vulnerable live everyday ordinary lives as full citizens. The OIFN comes together regularly as a community of practice to learn and grow, valuing collective knowledge and competence.

My Life, My Choice
The DVD My Life, My Choice profiles seven adults with disabilities living person-directed lives in Windsor, Ontario. Rather than relying on a limited number of programs and services to direct their lives, their futures are in their own hands. With flexible funding and with the support of independent planning, they are free to follow their hearts and live their lives as they choose.

This book is written by mother Lucinda Hage.  What time is the 9:20 bus? chronicles the story of Paul, a boy with a serious intellectual disability, his journey to adulthood, and how he achieved independence – in spite of the odds. The book provides ideas, strategies and resources for those whose lives are touched by a child, adolescent or adult with a developmental disability. The book is available at Lucinda's site, Inclusion for Life.
Paul and Lucinda were part of a recent webcast, Living Outside the Disability Box. Check the events page regularly for a re-airing of this webcast.

Ministry of Community and Social Services Person-Directed Planning and Facilitation Guide

Weaving a story of change: The Independent Facilitation Project
Dave Hasbury of Neighbours International takes an indepth look at the IFDP project, the history of Independent Facilitation and where we are today.
This overview has been prepared by OIFN. 

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