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If your loved one with a disability requires financial help with basic living expenses, including medical expenses, they could be eligible for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Understanding how this program works and how to maintain it alongside other financial resources will ensure your loved one continues to receive this support for as long as he or she may need it need it. 

Expert and disability advocate Graeme Treeby provides an overview of all things ODSP.  Following this presentation Graeme will be available for a live Q & A. 

This presentation will address any relevant / pending changes affecting ODSP which may be introduced by the new Ontario government prior to the date of the presentation.

What's in it for You:

  • A definition of the ODSP and its eligibility requirements
  • An overview of medical benefits potentially covered on top of basic living expenses
  • Navigating restrictions around assets, gifts, income and employment to avoid compromising ODSP supports
 and much more ...

Graeme Treeby is the parent of three children, the youngest of whom has multiple complex disability-related challenges. In 1990, Graeme realized he needed to begin putting a plan into place for his daughter given that she would always require 24-hour care. While researching options, Graeme and his wife came to see that very little planning information was readily available. Graeme decided to give up his accounting career and founded The Special Needs Planning Group, which focuses on sharing information about Henson Trusts, Registered Disability Savings Plans and acquiring government benefits so as to provide a full and respectful lifestyle for individuals living with disabilities.

Graeme can be contacted through The Special Needs Planning Group.